José-Ignacio Castillo-Velazquez

IEEE Region 9 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect 2024-2025 – Candidate

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My goal is to share my knowledge, skills, and experiences to mentor young professionals and collaborate with them on this incredible journey of learning.

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IEEE Region 9 (Latin America) / Director-Elect, 2024-2025​


As Regional Director, I will use my 21 years of volunteering experience in IEEE with more than 30 official and no official positions to focus my team activities on 5 main actions.

Building a Resilient Future

To maintain continuity with projects established in past, making resilient and making new ones our team will implement a maturity model and regular assessment for projects to face the growing challenges in a changing world.

Empowering IEEE LATAM Transactions

Drawing upon my academic experience, our team is committed to diversifying the IEEE Latin American Transactions to enhance production and elevate quality.

Empowering IEEE-R9 Engagement

Leveraging my industry experience, our team aims to establish the IEEE-R9 Consultants Database to attract skilled consultants and enhance practitioner involvement.

Facilitating access

Our team will provide a range of Spanish and Portuguese products, including books, programs, and tutorials, catering to the preferences of community members.

Future-Focused Development

Our region must establish and execute a comprehensive long-term development plan utilizing maturity levels that empower all sectors to navigate the challenges of 2030 and beyond.

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